Chocolate fondant & ice cream

vanilla ice cream with hot fruits

tiramisu ice cream, amaretto

with Zabayone cream and wallnuts

for four

for two

tomato, cucumber, onion, JD sauce

mixed salad, rucola, king prawns, cherry tomato, orange, ginger

mixed salad, creamy cheese, nuts, cherry tomato, celery, grapes, lime juice

green salad, onion rings, garlic butter, JD sauce

grilled vegetables, chunky chips, onion rings

with cherry tomato, garlic and fresh parsley

rucola, cranberried sauce, almonds

mixed salad, grilled chicken, tomato, grilled vegetables, red onion

iceberg lettuce, chicken, mayo-garlic sauce, parmesan

red cabbage, home-made dumpings, gravy

Grilled chicken, pork & beef, french fries, salad, garlic dip

Locomotiva’s Raviolis with beef, mushrooms and fried onion

with meat and chilli

chicken, vegetables, mozzarella, hungarian pasta

with chicken, mozzarella, spinach and garlic

with cheese and potatos

with cottage cheese (sweet)

beef burger, sour cucumber & mayo

beef burger, grilled becon, egg, tomato, onion, BBQ dip

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